Welcome to brain droppings

Welcome to brain droppings

Over the years I have enjoyed a profitable sideline in adapting my shtick (with varying degrees of success) to the exigencies of the written word. Reading content spanning from good writers to bad writers who all have a different perspective.

Now I have taken my own shot at authorship except at this point I’d prefer to run wild with my content; covering my thoughts, notions, opinions, doubts, beliefs, questions, assertions, assumptions, and wildly disturbing references which in one way or the other might offend you as a reader. It all depends on your point of perspective, I deliver the content you choose how you interpret it.

So, why call it brain droppings?

I looked through the dictionary and couldn’t find a single word that defines what I want this section to cover. Calling it a blog is a bit of a cliché, limits my thoughts and the readers’(you) expectations, I’d want to take you on a wild ride – take you through a journey of what my mind gets to. Give in depth ideas and perspectives that make you laugh, cry and actually have emotional feelings.

Some reflections some madness...Just random thoughts
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